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As the flagship product of the Pool Blaster Line, the Pool Blaster Max shattered the mold of traditional pool cleaners. Initially introduced as the Pool Buster Max, the unit has been redefining the world of pool maintenance since 2001, and has acted as a springboard for the design of the rest of Water Tech’s battery powered Pool Blaster Line.

Pool Blaster Max works on all surfaces including concrete, tile, vinyl or fiberglass.  The internal pump of the Pool Blaster Max  makes it a powerful vacuuming system that is free of hoses as well as electrical cords. These features allow you to move about freely without safety hazards.

Simply the most convenient rechargeable cordless pool or spa vacuum on the market today.

Every detail of the Pool Blaster Max has been carefully thought out to maximize efficiency and convenience. Specifically designed for touch-ups in between commercial cleanings, the Pool Blaster Max is an excellent choice for small debris such as leaves, twigs and cigarette butts ONLY. It can also be used for whole cleaning under certain circumstances. If sand and silt or algae are the problem, separate purchase of additional sand/silt or algae filters is required. 

The Pool Blaster MAX the rechargeable pool vac pumps longer and stronger with its high capacity filter, holding more dirt and debris and tackling the largest of messes with ease. Maintenance of the Pool Blaster MAX is a breeze with its easy empty bag that keeps your hands clean and a unique wall mounting feature that allows for grab-and-go convenience.  This is the only cordless rechargeable pool vac you will ever want.

The Max can be attached to most standard pool poles for extended reach, cleaning large areas with its removable 10 3/4" inch vacuum head or spot cleaning when the vacuum head is detached.

Make the pool or spa cleaning chore easier with the rechargeable cordless pool vacuum called the Pool Blaster Max.
Named Pool & Spa News Reader’s Choice Best New Product of 2005 Award, the Pool Blaster Max is the perfect rechargeable pool vac for residential pools, spas, and hot tubs. It’s the perfect tool for you!

"Pool Blaster Max Vacuums ROCK! What can I say? When you use this powerful Cordless Pool Vac your cleaning time will be cut in HALF! Don't take my word for it. Try it out for yourself and see, you won't be disappointed. Wish I had this years ago.
You will be impressed with the power of this rechargeable Pool Vacuum. I use it for both my pool and spa hot tub."

Mason James


Product Details
•Rechargeable 300-500 cycle battery w/Quick-Connect Plug
•Long life, 8-10 hour recharger
•Hi-Flow Vacuum Motor
• Supplied with vacuum body with on-board battery, flexible suction head w/ rollers & brushes, general purpose small debris filter and 110V battery charger
• Built-In Hanging, Storage Notch
• Quick Release Telescopic Pole Connector
• Easy-Grip Handle For Step, Stair & Surface Cleaning
• Dent, ding, and fade proof ; lightweight body
• Built-in hanging storage notch

• Power Rating: 300
• Scrubbing Brushes: Yes
• Cleaning Coverage Sq. Ft/ Hour: 1771 Sq ft Hr
• Battery Recharger Included: Yes
• Run Time: Up to 1 hr on a full charge
• Vacuum Head Width: 10 3/4"
• Unit Size: 15.5” x 6.5” x 7.5”
• Unit Weight: 5.5 lbs
• Warranty: 1 year electronic related components, 90 days for battery. Excludes filter bag and vacuum head and nose cap parts and accessories.
• Absolutely no returns after 30 days of purchase. Warranty problems or claims or problems must be reported directly to WaterTech at 1-800-298-8800

Get your powerful rechargeable cordless pool vacuum called the Pool Blaster Max TODAY!